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  • VilMark in the Starting Blocks
    Posted by Village Market 21 Ιανουαρίου 2016

    Good News!


    VilMark's new site is about to launch and we need your help!


    VilMark stands for Village Market. The Village is our 'Social Platform' and now operational; the Market is our 'E-Commerce Marketplace" and will be available very soon. Please accept our invitation to join our Village Community now and make yourself at home.


    VilMark is an Entrepreneurial Community firmly grounded in the tradition of Total Entrepreneurship -- where neighbors help each other to 'Survive and Thrive' as we pursue our Entrepreneurial Dreams. Regardless of whether you're a 'Entrepreneurial Dreamer' in  the early stages business formation; Or an established Enterprise wrestling with bigger challenges of surviving and thriving, VilMark is a nurturing membership community sharing a common cause.


    It's actually very simple:  IF we as Entrepreneurs don't help one another.....Who will?

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    • Jessica Turner
      Village Market Hello Jessica, appreciate you signing up and hope we can work together. Unfortunately the product you promoted cannot be done on this website. Please see our Terms and Conditions. I'm sure you will find plenty of other places. Thanks for your understandin...  more
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    VilMark is Total Entrepreneurship
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